Imran Cronk

Co-Founder and CEO

Imran recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania ('16) where he studied Health & Societies. He has worked within urban and rural health systems and written about transportation barriers to care for The Atlantic and STAT News.

Sumun Khetpal

Co-Founder and CMO

Sumun recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania ('17) where she studied Biology and Healthcare Management. She has spoken with hundreds of patients and providers about Ride Health, learning firsthand about their needs and sharing our solutions.

Dax Ravi

Chief Technology Officer

Dax is a full-stack developer with seven years of experience who has been a senior platform engineer at Google and also consulted for a digital fleet management company. He is responsible for product vision, design and development.

mission, vision and values

Ride Health is a technology and services company. Our mission is to ensure that every patient, every where, can access the care they need.

We envision a world wherein every healthcare provider — from a large medical center to a single-physician practice in a small town — has the tools to help patients reach appointments in a safe and timely manner.

No patient will have to forego care, and suffer consequences of missed appointments, due to addressable barriers such as transportation. We have three simple values:

  • Patients first: We remember that patients and families are our most important stakeholders and the reason our organization was created.

  • Intellectual humility: We do not know all the answers, but we will figure out how to reach them through careful listening and constant adaptation.

  • Grassroots approach: We will seek to engage all stakeholders, from C-suite leaders to social workers and nurse navigators, to tailor the right solution for each organization.

The Transportation barrier

Each year, about 3.6 million low-income, elderly and disabled patients miss about 24 million appointments due to insufficient access to transportation. In addition to harming health, these missed appointments lead to $40 billion in avoidable downstream costs to the healthcare system. Furthermore, no-show appointments represent approximately $4.1 billion in lost revenue for doctors.

We believe that all stakeholders across the healthcare system — from patients to providers to payers — have a shared interest in helping all patients reach their appointments on time. The challenge is to connect the dots between these silos with streamlined technology that fits within and enhances current workflows.

Our first product helps care navigators and social workers coordinate rides on behalf of patients. The system allows coordinators to schedule patient rides in advance or on-demand, automatically requests rides at the right time prior to appointments, sends text message updates and reminders to patients throughout the process, and gives coordinators real-time insight on transportation costs and usage.